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What to bring to your appointment:

Your Most Recent Tax Return

Your most recent tax return can provide us with insights into your finances, and an understanding of the source of your income. Given this information, we can create your financial plan with tax efficiency in mind. 


Your Most Recent Bank Statement

Checking, Savings, CDs, etc.

Having an opportunity to view your most recent bank statements will give us a look at cash flow management and expense trends that can be useful later in creating a cash flow analysis.


Insurance Policies

Life insurance, Long-Term Care, Disability, etc.

Statements from these accounts tell us about how your assets are protected, and what income and insurance needs you may have today and in the future. 

Social Security Statements

The most current Social Security statement provides crucial information to a comprehensive financial plan. 


All Investment Statements

401(k), Pension, IRA, individual Stocks/Bonds, etc.

Investment statements and retirement plan statements fill out the picture of your financial life and retirement, as well as giving us the chance to develop a complete understanding of your situation. 


Wills or Trust Documents

Wills and Trusts tell us about the plan for your assets in the event of a death, disability, or other incapacitation. 

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